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GrainCorp’s GrainTransact system has now been fully replaced by CropConnect which includes all the great features of GrainTransact plus the new online cash marketplace offering a convenient and easier way to manage, sell and buy warehoused grain. Connecting you to domestic and export market opportunities.

If you’ve not used CropConnect before you can register HERE or if you are experiencing difficulties logging in, you can consult the CropConnect FAQ page or contact the GrainCorp Stocks team on 1800 809 482



The GrainTransact Resource Centre aims to be the first point of contact when requiring assistance with GrainTransact, GrainCorp’s grain stock system. Use the menu bar above to find a topic you are interested in or to log in to GrainTransact.

Help Topics provide access to videos, detailed instructions on using the features within GrainTransact, Tips and Tricks plus information on maintaining your GrainTransact Account.

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